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GREEN SEAL CLEANERS - Glass & Window Cleaner 

This Glass Cleaner is a safe, vinegar enhanced, ammonia free, versatile cleaner that maximizes the removal of grease, finger smears, smoke film, water spots and other soils from glass, mirrors and other nonporous surfaces with minimum effort. No rinsing is necessary to leave a clean, non-streak, film-free and sparkling finish. Use this Glass Cleaner with a sprayer, squeegee or other cleaning equipment. It is ideal for the removal of grease and other soils from non-porous surfaces such as: glass, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, mirrors, etc. 

-GreenSeal and DfE Certified in the concentrate form and at any dilution
-Safe for human contact. Safe for animal contact. 100% readily biodegradable
-Low aquatic toxicity. Non-flammable. Safe in septic systems
-No ozone depleting substances. Phosphate free

GREEN SEAL CLEANERS - Glass & Window Cleaner


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