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Ultra concentrated fragrances w/odor counteractants that attack & neutralize unpleasant odors. Ultra-concentrated refills in premium fragrances work faster and stay in the air longer. Half the size of ordinary refills, but twice the odor-fighting power. The 2-oz. refill is perfectly sized for pockets, purses, desktops. Lasts up to 45 days.

MICRO Ultra Concentrated Metered Air Freshener

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    Case Size

    w2402 CLEAN & FRESH 12 x 2 oz
    w2404 COUNTRY GARDEN 12 x 2 oz
    w2408 CITRUS 12 x 2 oz
    w2428 FRENCH KISS 12 x 2 oz
    w2460 MANGO 12 x 2 oz


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