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This revolutionary clinging foam product dusts, cleans, and shines all in one simple step. It removes dust, smudges, smears and fingerprints, all while leaving a fresh, citrus fragrance behind. Mr. Jinx contains no wax or silicones which can cause build-up. Features a soak-in foam formula that restores life and brilliance to wood surfaces. It can also be used on laminated plastics, blinds, cabinets, appliances and paneling. Eliminates dust flyaway, cleans and leaves a lasting shine. This product is part of our complete line of all purpose cleaners.

Effectively Removes:
-Dirty hand prints on walls & doors
-Scuff marks on floors
-Bathtub rings
-Soot / grease / oil
-Smoke film
-Many inks
-Light carbon
-Crayon marks

Mr. Jinx Aerosol All Purpose Cleaner

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    MR. JINX-All purpose cleaner 



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