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A truly innovative air freshener that has hundreds of applications. Made from pure polyethylene plastic, the fragrance and color are blended throughout the plastic, releasing the air freshener for an exceptionally long period. The plastic beads are packaged in our Air Flow nylon bag that is air permeable. Toss a bag where you need it, or use in vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacs, autos, buses, hampers, garbage areas, or anywhere else a clean pleasant fragrance is desirable.

Bead Bags - Deodorant beads in air flow bags

  • Product #

    Bead Bags Scent

    Case Size

    s5500 ASSORTED BEAD BAGS 12/case
    s5501 FRESH CLEAN 12/case
    s5502 ORCHARD SPICE 12/case
    s5503 POTPOURRI 12/case
    s5504 HONEY SUCKLE 12/case
    s5506 ORANGE 12/case
    s5508 VANILLA 12/case
    s5509 CHERRY 12/case
    s5511 SEABREEZE 12/case
    s5512 PLUMERIA 12/case
    s5514 PEACH 12/case
    s5515 WATERMELON 12/case
    s5516 GREEN APPLE 12/case
    s5517 STRAWBERRY 12/case
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